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13 Nov

NGDC 2016 was EPIC!



We just got back from Nasscom Game Developer Conferece 2016 and it was EPIC!

For the record, we have been showcasing and visiting NGDC for the past 4 years now and this was by far the best in our opinion. Apart from meeting our fellow developers and friends, we also got to meet some new folks in the industry. The game dev scene also has become really diverse with folks coming in from different backgrounds and fields of expertise.

We of-course managed to showcase Asura at the show and had a very good response. It was a humbling and an amazing experience to see almost everyone coming down giving us feedback’s as well as their well wishes for the release of Asura. We also managed to sell some merchs a.k.a Asura & Ogre Head T-shirts.



Although we were super busy managing  our booth and talks, we somehow managed to checkout a handful of new and interesting upcoming game from the  gig.

Antariksha Sanchar by Quicksand Games Lab.

Out of all the sessions, we managed to only sit at one talk and it was a track by Dr. Padmini Ray Murray and Avinash Kumar, two super intellectual human beings with super Saiyan skills. The track really opened our eyes on how an academic or a DJ/Studio head/Designer, basically a person who is not from the usual gaming background can develop games and bring a host of interesting  ideas to the table. Their game is all about the dream theorems of Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan and an opera by the classical dancer Jayalaxmi Eshwar. Yup, it sounds way out the ordinary and it being made with incredible love and care. We have yet to check out the game-play but the concept and their development shots just blew our minds!

Alter Army by Vague Pixels

Alter army is beat em up game in development by mere 15 year old mortals.  The game has a certain charm, innocence and passion which is exactly what the game industry in India desperately requires! These kids if on track can do some brilliant things in the future. It is amazing that TFC Lab is supporting them with development . We played a level of their game and although it is too early in development, do have a look out for this one!

Bot Rods by HOBO Interactive, Holy Cow Productions & The Circus Productions

The trailer is the one that caught our attention! Bot rod is a battle racing game with robots. Select your bot and duke it out among each other in the winding tracks, at least that’s what we got to check out at the showcase. Again, it is super early in development but the concept and the idea is super cool. Hopefully it will fill our Crash Nitro Cart craving! :)

On the final day, there was an after Party at Nine Tails Studios. We had expected 5-10 people to come in since we assumed that majority of the people were leaving right after the show but then an amazing thing happened. Almost 30 folks from all phase of game dev scene came for the gig. There was board games, card games, our upcoming games, Overwatch, party games, Biryani and many other things happening and to see all of us under one roof was an amazing experience and a dream come true.

A very big thank you to Ravi and Alok for managing the food and venue. A shout out to Yadu and Rishi for being optimistic as well as all the help for the gig. A fist bump to Mithun and Tejas for bringing a variety of board games. Also, super grateful for all you folks who came to the show with a variety of games and contributing to actually making the gig happen. It was just EPIC!




8NGDC has always been great but this time, it was special since it happened in our home turf, Hyderabad and it went by like a breeze. Shruti, Darryl and the whole nasscom team, thank you so much for making it happen and for the opportunity. Hrishi and Mukund for helping us with the talk and working super hard on managing their tracks. Thanks for letting us blabber on stage and had an amazing time with all of them especially the final design talk >.<


Finally, thank you all for checking out Asura and for supporting us all the way. Exciting news regarding the same coming very soonly !

09 Nov

We will be at NGDC 2016!


We will be at Nasscom Game Developer Conference on 10th & 11th November 2016 and below are things which we will be having at the show. Feel free to drop by at the gig and if you want to sign up for the talks then here is the link for the same!

The Art of Asura > https://goo.gl/mwPYjy > Sign Up!

Crafting Mechanics and Lore through Game-play and Aesthetics > Sign Up!

Hope to see you all soon!


23 Dec

What we been up-to Nov/Dec Edition and a Happy New year to all!


The year is almost coming to an end which is why we thought why not blog about stuff which has been cooking at our studio. We have been developing  Asura and working on service projects as you might know. 2015 has been pretty a busy and awesome and we are rolling with it. The year was all about showcasing & developing  Asura at various events, traveling some cool places, working with awesome people, working with clients and learning a ton of stuff as always.


In November, we showcased Asura at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2015, our second year showcasing at the event and as always it has been an amazing experience. The amount of people playing our game was outstanding and getting to meet old and new folks in the industry is always cool. We gave a  design talk on “Randomness in game Design” and were also a part of the jury for BYOG game jam.


BYOG is basically a game development contest where in you need to create a game within a weeks time by picking a theme selected by the jury. The participants had one week to develop the game and then 5 finalist were selected to showcase at NGDC 2015. The games that had been selected were interesting and unique considering the time it was taken to develop them. You can check out all of the games and regarding BYOG here!


We also got to check other developers on the show floor but an annoying thing that we noticed was that some of them were using art or stuff from unity asset store and then telling us that they made it which was not cool at all. We absolutely understand using stuff from the assets store which is why it exists but blatantly lying  about it when inquired is just not what one expects and please for the love of God, man up and say the truth.

Also, we had this funny incident were I was checking out the games of other developers at an event and one of the devs whose game was on display asked me whether I was into game development. I told him” yes” and the dude simply told me to “get lost”. His reason was that since we are in the same industry, I am his competition and I would steal his idea. This incident struck me like a Kamehameha and I still sometime hesitates to check out other peoples  game at gigs :P .  If you are a game dev please do not do such stuff, it just proves that how insecure and scared you are of your games. The people who want to clone will anyways do it but shooing of other people from your booth literally obliterates the point of you showcasing in an event.

That said, Shruti, Darryl and the whole Nasccom team did an awesome job as always hosting the event and we definitely had a blast with everyone else! 

We also showcased our game at Dubai Game Expo 2015, which was a cool experience. Although the event didn’t see many  gamers who had come to play, we met some really cool developers at the expo and got to play each other’s games.


One was Guillermo Mezzano from Behold Studios showcasing Chroma squad, a Tactical RPG where in you play as a five actor stunt squad who quit their jobs to start their own power rangers inspired tv show. They are also the developers of Knight of pen and paper which we were a big fan of!

Shailesh Prabhu from Yellow Monkey Studios was present at the expo and gave a talk about “What we learnt from making Socioball (and other games)”. Since our booth had enough space to showcase another game, he joined to demo with us to showcase his upcoming game, Sky Sutra, a two player plat-former brawler with carpets and Indianess. You can check out proto-type game-play below.


Adriel Wallick, programmer, game designer and  organizer of Train Jams along with Kevin Geisler,  one of the minds behind the game Octodad had also come to the event for their respective talks. During the final day of the gig  every one just hung around show floor playing each others’s game and talking game dev which was an amazing experience.

Recently, we had also attended Indie Game Shindig, an event hosted by Shristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology based out of Bangalore. There was a nice collection of games that were being showcased at the show. One of the best things about the event  was the sheer amount of awesomeness by their students. They were all busy creating fantastic murals with Super Saiyan patience and hard work. Each one of them were amazing and do check out the epicness below if you don’t believe us. The pictures are mostly work in progress and i like a fool forgot to take the snaps on the final day when all of them were finished. -_-

Mural1 Mural2 Mural3Mural6 Mural7 Mural8The event also boasted a cool talk by Meg Jayanth, writter of 80 days who spoke about her experience in working for her game and about diversity and breaking the cultural stereotypes. Shailesh Prabhu gave a really insightful talk about Indie game development and their experience struggling, finding success and most importantly surviving in the games industry. Xenia Zeiler, a professor of South Asian studies gave a talk about Indian religious influences on the gaming. Gayathri Kodikal, a film maker, shared her experience of documenting a historical event which happened in Old Goa and how it has influenced her to make a board game and a video game. Rob Morgan, games writer, spoke about VR which I had to miss because of some reason. As one of the speakers was not able to make it, I took up the slot and gave the same talk which i gave at NGDC 2015, about “Randomness in game design”. A shout out to Yadu Rajiv, Padmini Ray Murray, their students and faculty members for hosting the event. It was a great start to what i believe can lead to an amazing event which can be hosted every year!





As always, i cant emphasis enough that how insightful it is to attend such events especially if you are  into game dev. Again like Dubai Game Expo, we didn’t see gamers or consumers at all in such events, but the new people i met, the students i interacted with, sharing ideas, some arguments, debates, lunches and dinners it revitalizes one’s creative juices. My point if you get a chance to go to any of such gigs, just go! Even if it delaying your work or deadline by a couple of days.

We also recently finished development of one of our clients which means more time for working on Asura and we have been doing some significant progress in our game. I am breaking my head on the lore/story and planning on how it should tie up with the whole experience where as Neeraj is coding the large pool of weapons and armors. The game is almost feature complete but the polish is still not up to par. Also, testing is a hell thanks to its random and procedural nature but hopefully you will help us with that problem when we send you the build soon :)

Also, we hired an intern this month, Mr. Samartha Ingle, who is working on one of our first person side project/proto-type at the moment. We asked him to make an interior of an old house(Indian inspired) without props and he cooked this up for us. It is real time render in Unity 5 and you should definitely check it out in action. The models where made in Maya, Texture in Substance / Photoshop and uses Unity’s PBR shader.  I saw Samartha’s work  while hanging out in twitter and called him right away to join us. He also plays tons of games which include Anno series, Homeworld, Crusader kings 2 and Europa Universallis which is one more reason why we got him in our team. :P

2 3 1

With the team slightly bigger and our company growing slowly but steadily, we hope to really surprise you with our quality of work, and we are trying our very best to do the most epic job possible within our capabilities. I started this studio with Neeraj to bring a change in the industry and to work with the best of the best which i believe we are doing. This year has been super rad and better than last year with less bumps but lot of hours poured into game development. Inshallah, We hope next year will be more hours and more work for us.


With that said, we hope that it was an amazing year for you and we know that 2016  will be much more epic! We can’t express this enough but seriously, thank you  for your support and awesomeness. 99% of the time whenever we have asked for you help, opinion or suggestions, you have more than helped us and for that we are super grateful! I know it sounds cliched or corny but believe me, a change is coming and  we will try our very best, aur kya!

Stay awesome and do not accept anything but epic :D


For any queries please contact zain@ogrehead.com or support @ogrehead.com| Get Presskit here: http://ogrehead.com/press