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10 Apr

Asura will invade China in collab with Coconut Island Games!


We are glad to announce that Asura will be invading China and regions of Chinese speaking territories with full force thanks to our recent partnership with publisher Coconut Island Games.

Although we will be self publishing Asura to rest of the world, the Chinese regions will be taken care by our publishing partner. The reason for our collaboration is to have a much more effective presence in the Chinese speaking regions with quality customer support as well localization.

Only 5 days are left for Asura release and it goes without saying that we are excited for the coming days. Everyone has really rallied up together in the recent days to share our trailers and news about release. The both of us would love to convey our sincere hi-fis and thank yous. We are grateful for all the support.

Looking forward to our collaboration with Coconut Island and for the release.

Asura will be releasing on 14th April for PC, OS X and Linux. If you would like to visit our store page then check it out HERE!


28 Oct

Al Yolla Heroes Released and featured on the App store !!!

We are glad to announce that Al Yolla, our first mobile game which we developed for our client in the middle east, has released for the App store. It has been featured as Editor’s choice in the App store in regions, UAE & Saudi. Al Yolla is a casual arcade game inspired by the traditional dance of the Middle east. The game was completely developed in-house at Ogre Head Studio for our client. You can download the game HERE!


31 Jul

Asura is Top 100 in 2 days at Greenlight, Thank you!!


Super excited and happy to announce that Asura has reached Top 100 games on Steam Greenlight within 2 days!! We just wanted to thank you all for the support, the votes and the comments which you have been pouring in our greenlight page. We have learnt a lot during these past two days and still learning a lot while in greenlight. Will definitely be sharing all the data, info and our experience of the process as it can help other developers with their campaign.


Thank you once again for all the awesomeness, now lets take Asura to #1!

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