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19 Nov

Asura at NGDC 17 & Unite: Winning The GOTY Award, Upcoming Games & More!

BlogFeature Hello, It has been quite some time since I blogged. This is because of the hectic schedule due to the release of Asura. That being said, NGDC + Unite happened last week, and I figured, now would be a good time to share our experience at the show this year! **Please note that From here on in this blog, please consider the term NGDC or Unite as the same event** Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2017 was held last week, but unlike previous years, it was in collaboration with Unite, an event hosted by Unity, creators of the Unity game engine. It goes without mentioning that Asura was at the show with full force, heck, we had three booths(Show-off!). You might wonder that our tremendous presence is because we have amassed a lot of cash in our coffers post Asura’s release, however, allow me to shatter that notion of yours! Asura1 We paid for a tablespace for Asura, but we also got a free Kiosk at MWU( Made with Unity). Then two days before the show, we received an email notifying our nomination for the NGDC Game Of The Year Award. Nomination grants us a free tablespace as well, and we tried to make the most of it. Now I agree that we could have asked for a refund and showcased Asura at two booths but the point of such shows it to as much of a presence as possible and that is why my friends, Asura was hacking and slashing at three booths at NGDC + Unite. AsurUnITE The Made With Unity Kiosk which was offered to us was fantastically built. Each booth was separately placed, and they provided us with a free 42′ inch TV so that we could showcase our game. Check out our booth! If there is one thing that is in my agenda at NGDC, it is to check out what every other dev is working on and by far this was the best roster of games that I got to play at the show. Some of these where games showcased to me personally and others were up on the show-floor. I would like to share them all with you in case you might have missed so sit back, relax and check out some of the fantastic games from the Indian Games Industry! Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx is a horde based game wherein tons of zombies are trying to tear you down block by block. You get a variety of powerful weapons to unleash on your hungry enemies like dropping a nuclear bomb, transforming into a dragon and incinerating them, etc. I got a chance to play Zombie Bloxx last year at IGX on a handheld device but now it is on PC, and it plays amazingly well! Possession  Possession by Lucid Labs is a 3D isometric puzzler about perspective, a family, and their possessions. It was an amazing and soothing experience to play this game. Chirag has a knack for creating a simple yet effective design as always, and with Possession, it is quite apparent that he is pushing his abilities as a designer. Loved it and can’t wait to play more of it. Possesions Mukti Mukti by Underdogs studio & Wandermind labs is an exploration game wherein you explore the museum filled with rich Indian heritage and culture to unfold the truth behind the mystery and Vikram’s whereabouts, all in this beautiful Indian Museum. They won the Upcoming Game Award, and I am looking forward to the release next year. Raji Raji by Nodding Head Studios is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods to fight against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny is to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura . These devs are pouring their blood and sweat into their project, and the awesome sauce is totally visible for you to check out. They are on Kickstarter and in need of your support, back this piece of art and let’s make it a reality. You also play the demo HERE! Kill ‘Em All Kill ‘Em All in development at Approar Studios is a first-person endless zombie survival shooter based in a post-apocalyptic city. You have to survive through the incoming hordes of flesh-eating zombies who are relentless. You get to pick up tons of weapons to obliterate them. You can check out the demo HERE and share your feedback to the devs. Zcw0xN Alter Army Alter Army by Vague Pixels is what happens when two teenagers infuse their charm and epicness to create a video game. It is a fast-paced 2d action platformer currently in development. I have been raving about this since forever now and you should play the demo if you haven’t already. PLAY THE DEMO HERE! 23511190_1732247273485636_4744679184165388908_o Forgot the name of the game -_-  Forgot the name of the game : I was idling around our booth when three 17-year-olds came up to me to showcase their game. I am not much of a mobile gamer, and I hate side-scrollers in Mobile, but these guys proved me wrong. They had cooked up a side-scroller akin to limbo wherein you play as a Soldier platforming through the harsh obstacles on the battlefield. It played well for the most part, and I was super impressed by it. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the game for which I apologize, but it is inspiring to see such young folks whip up such incredible stuff. Keep it up you devs if you are reading this and please PM me the name of the game on social media! unknown Bot Rod Bot Rod is a labor of love by Holy Cow Productions, Hobo Interactive, and The Circus. Currently, in development, It is a high adrenaline racing game set in a futuristic world. You play as one of the cute and charming characters in their bot racing around beautiful tracks. There are plenty of tricks and weapons you can use to overtake your opponents. They are not only creating a well-polished game but also are producing amazing trailers and cinematic short of it. I would love to someday have a toy of one of their characters in my collection. Gowtham, Vijay if you are reading this, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! On the final day of the show, Rajaram and his team from Jambav interactive showcased me his two upcoming games and boy oh boy am I glad! Stack & Crack Stack & Crack is a puzzle game about four cubes and their relationship. I think this was one of the most polished games which aced in executing its design.

Super Speed Runner Super Speed Runner is a fast-paced platformer wherein you control a cube trying to beat the levels by controlling the speed. Again, a really well-made game which understands its design and aesthetic goals! Switch Or Die Trying Switch Or Die Trying by Threye Interactive is a platformer with a unique jump/switch mechanic. They won the runner-up for the Studio Game Of The Year Award. You can grab the copy on Steam! Cubots Cubots by Street Lamp Games is a beautiful indie game wherein you play as a cube and explore the aesthetically pleasing environments. Please don’t be deceived by the looks of the game. I died at least 240 times while playing so YES, it is difficult but well made. You can pick it up on Steam here! Meteora Meteora by Big Boot Games is a runner-like wherein you maneuver a blazing Meteor through a warp tunnel of asteroids. You can unlock multiple levels and upgrade your Meteor. Occasionally, you will encounter other fiery Meteor zipping whom you can take down. I tried taking them down but instead was obliterated into oblivion -_-’. It is planned to release sometime in 2018. Check out the their Facebook page for more updates! Meteora_Banner Movie Studio Tycoon Movie Studio Tycoon in development at All In A Days Play is a business simulation game wherein you guessed it, you get to replay the history of movie making. I got my hands dirty and released Mad Max with an average review score of 7 from the critics. Not bad huh? Abhinav from the dev team has promised me a beta access and I am looking forward to it! maxresdefault I was invited to a panel by Rahul Sehgal with my friend Tejas Oza and Moumita Paul. We discussed the various pros and cons of working in an Indie and big studios. I also gave a talk/AMA which was called the ‘The Art Of Designing Games’. I had a fantastic time raving about my favorite topic – Game Design and answering the queries of the attendees. Shout out to Amit Goyal of Super Sike Games for allowing me the opportunity. We were honored to receive the GOTY (Game Of The Year Award) for Asura. The feeling of being recognized especially by the Indian Games Industry is quite special to us and so, just wanted to thank you all for the support over the years! 23550267_681239282080502_8869435466639533729_o 23550064_10159477348475570_463017146091870492_o After the event, we hosted an after party. Below is a glimpse of it. Shout out to Yadu, Ravi, and Tarun for helping out. Also, this fine human for demonstrating such a nice gesture. You know who you are and you are EPIC! If there were one point I would like to raise with regards to the whole show, it is towards some of the developers who did not put up their games at their allotted table-space for the showcase. It is disrespectful to book or be allocated with a tablespace or stall and not put up your content. The folks who are visiting the event are paying to check out the games and content on the show-floor. If we as developers are absent, then it emanates a bad vibe to both the organizers as well as the game devs as a whole. It is incredible to see such a large amount of delegates, let’s make sure that they all have a good time. I hope you all consider my point and let’s make sure next time around, not a single table is empty. :) I remember three years ago when I first visited NGDC. It was here that I met some of the coolest folks in the industry who helped us reach where we are today. My point is that Ogre Head Studio wouldn’t have been what it is without Nasscom Game Developer Conference. Super thankful to all the folks responsible at Nasscom and Unite for organizing the event and providing us developers an opportunity to meet at least once a year, you are the BEST. Best of luck to all of the game devs for your upcoming games and thank you for dropping by our booth. BE EPIC!

07 Jun

Game Dev Tips: Showcasing Your Indie Game in A Non-English Speaking Country.


We recently showcased our game Asura at BitSummit held in Kyoto, Japan. We have also been to Taipei Game Show some time ago. During our visit to these shows, we learned that showcasing a game in an English speaking country is much more different than a country like Japan where English is not a common language. There is a certain prep work required so that you can have a successful show. For the same purpose, we would like to share some tips on how to showcase your game in a non-English speaking country.

1.) Electricals and Power Supply: Research on the kind of electrical specs that the country you will be showcasing demands. Japan has its variation of power specification and electrical outlets similar to that of the US, and if you are from a country like India, you will need to be prepared. Do not expect the organizers to provide you with them. Your best bet would be to get some convertible plugs and additional power strips. However, there are certain events wherein you will have to purchase the power for your booth. If such is the case then make sure you communicate with the organizers a month or so before the event. We had a  friend in a neighboring booth who had to shell out 200$ during the show as he forgot to purchase the power before hand.


 2.) Control Card: We forgot to make the Control Card for Asura during Bit Summit but you should not. Control card is nothing but a little banner or piece of cardboard which will feature instructions on how to play your game, key configuration, etc in the localized language. Control Card will save you a ton of energy while showcasing if you can’t speak the local language. It will also help visitors at your booth to understand the game much better without any hassle.


3.) Localized Banners, Flyers and Giveaways: This is obvious! Grab those fantastic banners and flyers you have made for the game and make sure to localize it for the show. We have made some amazing friends all around the world who are kind enough to help us with the localization if they know the language. You can do the same!


4.) Controller Preference: Some countries like Japan prefer Playstation controllers whereas the western folks are much more comfortable with an Xbox variant. Please do your research according to the place you will be showcasing. If you can, bring both the controllers then you can let the players choose according to their preference.


 5.) Culture and Language:  Try to learn a bit about the culture and etiquettes of the country you will be visiting. Chances are that some mannerisms which are OK in your country might be offensive or rude in the one you are planning to visit. Also, try to learn a couple of common greetings or words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘goodbye’ etc. You might feel awkward to communicate in a new language at first, but folks will love you for making the attempt. The point is to make everyone feel comfortable and language is a great weapon which you can use to your advantage.

6.) Summon your local friends: If you have any local acquaintance in the city where you are planning to showcase, invite him or her to the show. Your friend can help you translate and showcase the game much better due to his/her fluency in the local language. Usually, the organizers will offer a couple of extra passes. If you don’t have additional passes, e-mail the fellow devs who will be showcasing along with you and ask if they would have any extra passes. Make sure to treat them with a lunch or dinner if they hook you with an extra one :)

7.) Localized Game Demo: This is a tough one but try to localize the demo which you will be showcasing at the event. If your game is light on text then it should be doable. Trust me! The time invested for the localization will be worth it at the show. This tip does not count if your game is already localized.


We hope that the above points help you to maximize the success of your upcoming events. Please do note that the tips can also be applied for any showcase in general. Best of luck for your game and thank you for dropping by.


For any queries please contact zain@ogrehead.com or support @ogrehead.com| Get Presskit here: http://ogrehead.com/press