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01 Feb

Showcasing Asura at Taipei Game Show 2017!


We recently showcased Asura at Taipei Game Show which is a 6 day event held at Taipei, Taiwan. I had a wonderful time at the gig with our upcoming game Asura on display. Got the opportunity to meet tons of great people and make new friends. As always I thought I would share my experience at the show and give you an insight on what TGS is all about. Maybe it will help you decide whether you should also showcase at the event. TL:DR; You should! :)

taipeigameshow-2017-logo-730x-rx145 (1)

A couple of months ago, we got a mail from the organizers of Taipei Game Show inviting us for the event at Taipei, Taiwan. The event had 2 separate programs known as Indie Festa and Indie House. The difference is that Indie Festa is a B2B show whereas Indie House is B2C. We were invited for the Festa and the deal was to showcase Asura at the show. Our stay was covered by the organizers and we  had to pay the deposit which would be returned to us after the event. We not only agreed to participate in the Indie Festa but also showed an interest in participating in the Indie House since it is more of consumer show and we love showing our game to gamers!  We requested for the participation in both the events and the organizers gladly agreed. Just like that we were all set to showcase Asura at our very first Taipei Game Show. By the way, If you are from India then please note that the visa process  for Taiwan is kind of confusing. If you have an American B1/B2 US visa then you can show that and get the visa within a day which is exactly what I did!


Check out that crowd!

Indie Festa lasted for two days, from 19th – 20th Jan and as I mentioned before, it was targeted towards B2B which meant that the visitors where mostly from or related to the game industry. There were also media and several other gaming platform companies looking out for new and upcoming games. I landed in Taipei and traveled straight to the World Trade Center which was the venue for the show so that I could set-up everything for the gig. This time around, I managed to record myself setting up our booth at the Indie Festa. You can check out the time lapse below.

I had the usual give-away with me. Flyers, Posters and bookmarks for the people who would come to our booth. Travelling from India, We are always kind of constrained for the logistics of our booth materials but I tried my best to make it as epic as possible. I got to meet a lot of new developers and their amazing games. Also, there were couple of devs who I already knew and it was great to reconnect with them!

After showcasing at Indie Festa, on the 20th, we had to taken all our booth materials and had set it up at an another spot in the trade center for Indie House. Some of the devs had only opted for the Festa and went back the following day. The Organizers had already built a table with an epic banner of every studio’s game on the show floor. Once again I managed to set-up our booth, this time with a different set-up. We don’t have a time lapse for this but you can check it out in the image below. Indie house happened for 4 days and the footfall of visitors for the show was HUGE! I had never seen such a large crowd for a gaming convention before.


Asura Indie House Booth

I had to switch my hotel on the day of Indie house set-up because the accommodation from the organizers only lasted until Indie Festa days. I had already made bookings for my stay and it was much close to the venue. The place is called Farmosa 101 and I kid you not, It is amazing! Especially the folks running the place are really helpful and made sure that I had a very comfortable stay at their haven. Can’t recommend it enough. If anyone from Farmosa is reading this, you get the official stamp of EPICNESS! :)

On day 2 of the Indie House, I requested to change the monitor due to it’s picture quality which was not great and the organizers made sure that I received what I had asked for. Geared up with my new hardware, I slightly changed the set-up of the booth. This was mainly due to the reason that on day 1 , I had observed that people who would come in groups would crowd around the table to watch their friends play and it would obstruct the view for other people coming in. Hence, I placed the CPU above the table itself and kept the monitor on top it so that the game could be viewed from a distance with out any issues. Many of you might think that I am genius for this but the idea was blatantly stolen from the booth of Planetoid Pioneer, Vlad, who was also showcasing in his booth. Thanks Vlad! :) blogIndieHouse3 We had tons of folks playing Asura at the event. Many of whom who came again and again to the booth so that they could get their hands on it just one more time. We had a dude who sat for 54 mins and tried to finish the game. It was amazing to see such passionate bunch of crowd at TGS.


Folks seemed to enjoy Asura!

One disadvantage I had during my days at TGS was that neither did I speak nor understand their language which is Standard Mandarin so explaining our game, it’s development process or game design was kind of difficult but we managed. Sometimes folks from other booth would jump in to help me translate what I was trying to communicate and it was great. Especially, Folks at Woombo Combo Games, Guns of Icarus, Justin and Wei from Gattai Games who were right across our booth. Thanks for all the help guys! :)

Unfortunately, I don’t get to time to check out the city when I travel for work partly because I am working with Neeraj online at the hotel but of what I saw and experienced, I really enjoyed my time at Taipei. On the last day, we all from Indie house got together for some dinner and a karaoke session which was kind of crazy and amazing at the same time. A shout out to Tiff, Ting and Jacob for all the help and for having us at the show. Joan and crew for the rentals and putting up with my OCD. Mark, Merk, Geroffrey, Sun,  Eric, Gon, Jake, Vlad and Emmanuel had a great time with you all on the final day!


Photo by Vlad Micu.

As conclusion, I would like to say that Indie Festa and Indie House are both awesome but it really depends on what you exactly are looking for. If it business deals, publishers, platforms etc then Festa is your jam. If you want to play-test, check out passionate folks playing your game etc then Indie house it is. TGS 2017 was EPIC, the people of Taipei are Epic and passionate about games and if we get a chance, we will definitely come again to TGS next year! On the next blog, I will be sharing the amazing games that I got to play at TGS 2017. Hopefully a lot of GIFS and images! Pretty excited for that so stay tuned and in the meantime, BE EPIC! :D

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