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01 Aug

Asura and What we have been doing!

Its been one month since we have been in hiding and we have not posted much  about Asura, our upcoming hack n slash game.

This is due to tons of iteration and changes that the game is going through  as we are getting close to alpha. Also the power cuts in Hyderabad has been going wild lately, which is causing major delays in getting the tasks done. Keeping these hurdles aside, the game itself is shaping out in an amazing way! And we are really excited to show you the result. It may take some time but it will be worth it!

The game now has 50 unique runes, many new enemies with unique race and characteristics, new bosses, etc and we are having a blast getting it all together.


A sneak peak on how Asura is shapping up!

Pretty soon a dedicated website for Asura  will be up and running where you can checkout the screenshots and play the updated demo build. It will have all the information regarding the game.

We have also been in talks with publishers for potential publishing opportunities and are still on the hunt !

As of now  we don’t have nothing much to show except for the screenshot about and a cool poster made by our friend, Samar Malik, a great concept artist and one of the talented people around!


Asura Poster by Samar. Click to Enlarge.

Check it out!

You can see more of Samar’s work here!

More exciting updates and hack n slash coming soon so stay tuned!


31 May

Rune progression, Casual connect and other stuff ! | Asura #Dev log 4

asura demo poster2

pitch asura

After coming back from Casual Connect Asia 2014, we iterated a little bit on the demo that we showcased at the gig. We fixed the Rune progression for the current roster of Runes along with other changes.

Earlier we had implemented all spell runes as legendary runes and it took ages for a new player to check out how the spells work and was way to grindy. Right now, we have balanced it with 3 spell runes each with its own unique rarity so its much easy to get the common spell.


Here are the list of current fixes and updates!

# Rune progression has been changed for the player to understand the overall feature of the game much more efficiently.
# The weapon once unlocked equips automatically.
# The whole UI format has been changed to suit the game play in an efficient way.( Art is WIP)
#  Enemy AI has been updated. (Still WIP though)
# Arena has been scaled up in size with some more props and foliage.
# Spell runes will unlock sooner.
# The attack animation has changed ( Still exploring with the style)

On Art, we are currently working on the Arena design and that’s where the main focuses is. Meanwhile, we are trying different animation style for combat to make it much more awesome.

Working on the game and working on these demo is a daunting task for us since we are really small team. We are working super hard to get all the features in and it may take some time. We will update it as we move forward!


Please play the development build here and share your feedback . We are hoping to post the next update soon so stay tuned !

And here are some pics from Singapore. We had showcased Asura Demo, at Casual Connect Asia 2014 and the experience was Amazing.

The booth!


With the maker of Trigger princess!


Pudge visits Ogre Head Studio


Showcasing the game!


The Ogre Head Team


Playing Asura on Mobile!


Pitch leaflet along with Poster !






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