23 Aug

Asura has been Greenlit!

Asura Greenlight

It’s great to announce that Asura has been Greenlit on Steam!

We have been on  Greenlight for 26 days and the game was ranked 8th of 1800 games eventually. More in-depth stats during our final day of the process is below. Will be sharing all about our experience in green-light and the daily reports soon!

Final Day

Thank you to everyone who really rallied behind the campaign, sharing, tweeting, and really going out of your way to spread the word of our game. We are trying our best to forge the epicest game we can make with the resources we have and it is been a long ride indeed.

We are on the final home stretch with regards to development as I write this and hopefully, the game should be done soon. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks again for your support and awesomeness, it really drives us to do crazy things like work 16-18 hrs days every day.

Also, a special video for all of you :)

18 Aug

Asura will be in PAX 2016 at Indie Megabooth!


Feels great to finally announce that we will be showcasing Asura in PAX at Indie Megabooth along side other great games. You can check out the whole line up of indie titles at their blog. This is our first time in PAX as well as Indie Megabooth and hence we are super excited as well as nervous. It has all been in our wish-list to go to PAX and showcase and the fact that it is actually happening is a great feeling.

We are also happy to announce that the game is 95% complete, all the features are in and we think that it is in a great shape for beta test. Also, cool merch for Asura is under production and will be revealing our new t-shirt designs soon.

Shoutout to folks at Indie Megabooth for selecting Asura and supporting us for PAX.¬†Congrats to all other games who made it to Indie Megabooth. Can’t wait to check out each and every one of them!

We will be sharing more updates regarding the event, Asura and other stuff soon. Thank you for your support and for dropping by


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