31 Jul

Asura is Top 100 in 2 days at Greenlight, Thank you!!


Super excited and happy to announce that Asura has reached Top 100 games on Steam Greenlight within 2 days!! We just wanted to thank you all for the support, the votes and the comments which you have been pouring in our greenlight page. We have learnt a lot during these past two days and still learning a lot while in greenlight. Will definitely be sharing all the data, info and our experience of the process as it can help other developers with their campaign.


Thank you once again for all the awesomeness, now lets take Asura to #1!

29 Jul

Asura in on Steam Greenlight!

We are super excited to announce that Asura has been launched on Steam Greenlight. We also have a new trailer cooked-up for exactly that and you can check it out below. If you are into rogue-like genre or if you find Asura interesting then we encourage you to head over to our green-light page and vote of us to help get Asura on STEAM.

The development of Asura has been an amazing but bumpy journey but it is not over yet! We have yet to fix a ton of bugs, iron out some features and finish the game. However, it is very encouraging for both of us to see our game page on Steam!

We really appreciate all the support and love that you have poured up till now and we hope it continues in the future. The goal is to try to forge some epic stuff which can help bring a change in the Indian games industry and we are going trying our bestest to make that happen. There are more exciting news coming soon and we will be announcing them shortly. In the meantime, if you want to support Asura or Ogre Head then please do share the news with your friends and family!

Thanks for dropping by and be EPIC !

25 Jul

Our Time At Indie Prize 2016!


I recently had gone to Indie Prize 2016 at San Fransico. If you are not aware of the event, it is a convention where a bunch of upcoming or released Indie games are showcased. We had set-up our upcoming game Asura at Indie Prize with the latest updates and had a blast play-testing the game with folks visiting our table space. Although I was super busy during the show, I managed to check out some of the other amazing games which were being showcased at the gig and would love to share them with you all!



Splitter Critter by Rac7 

A game with an interesting and really unique mechanic, Splitter Critter is a puzzle game where in you split the level and try to navigate your critters towards their space ship. We played it on iPad and the game required us to use the fingers to literally slice the level, set it up and make way for our little minions to navigate through the maze. Splitter critter was first conceived in a lundum dare 35 and was forged within 72 hours. Check out the game-play below and you can even play the proto-type here!

Veterans Online by Nuked Cockroach

Veterans Online is a multiplayer free to play shooter wherein you play as a soldier inspired from World War setting and duke out among each other in the arena with guns, grenades and other face melting arsenals. The game features a top down camera and has amazing art style. It has been green-light and as per our talks with the developers of Nuked Cockroach, they are all set to release it in September. If you are into top-down twin-stick shooters and multiplayer action then definitely keep this one in your radar!

Goat Punkz by Studio Canvas

A party multiplayer game where in you play as a goat and try to reach the top of the mountain and hold your guard as you lay down fire as well as other crazy power-ups upon your enemies. The game is developed by one man team, Alberto Santiago A.K.A  Studio Canvas. Made in Unity, Goat Punkz has a great charm with hand painted textures and toony art style

Fossil Echo by Awaceb

Fossil Echo is a 2D platformer with really great hand drawn graphics where in you play as a boy and set forth on a journey to climb an immense tower. We got to play the demo and had a great time traversing through the interesting levels in the game. To back it up, the music crafted  is simply brilliant and boosts the awesomeness of an already beautiful game. If you are into difficult platforms then you should definitely give this one a look!

We even got a chance to stream Asura with Dan Long at the event. Had an amazing time showcasing the various game-play features of Asura. Due to some technical issues the steam lags from time to time which  but you can still check out Asura in action with the other games below. If you would like to just skip at the Asura part then start the video from approximately 1:56:00 mark. Check out the video by HERE!

It was a crazy gig this time around and we got tons of people coming down to check out our game. Really happy to say that things have been shaping super well and have recieved some valuable feedback which we have been working after returning from the event. I had thought of sharing our time at E3 and all that jazz but due to the crazy schedule that we have been going through, it has been delayed. Most of the write-up is done  for the article as I finished it on my flight back from SFO. The pictures and other assets are yet to be peppered in the blog and it is something that I have been working on so It should be up pretty soon. We will be announcing some more exciting news soon so keep your heads up!

Also, A huge shout-out to Super Woman Yuliya Moshkaryova and her team who manage and host Indie Prize for having our game, Asura, at the event. If you  would like to showcase your games at future Indie Prize events then do get in touch with her.

Thanks for dropping by and be EPIC!




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