15 Oct

Our Experience Showcasing Asura At EGX 2015!


As you might know we had gone to Birmingham to attend EGX 2015 where we showcased Asura. Our experience over there was exhilarating as this was one of the first consumer convention where we showcased our upcoming game. One of the best facts about attending such events is that you get to meet amazing developers and get to chat with them. It helps you understand the struggle each developer or a game is going through and every developer has an interesting story to share!


As expected, a huge amount of gamers, cos-players, youtubers/ Lets-players, game developers had come to the event. The demography of the people who attended the event was very diverse and it was great to see them sit down and actually play your game. As I was there alone, I had to stick most of the time to our  booth but whenever i got the opportunity, would check out other developer’s game too.

Here are some of the games that I got to play!

Theo and Lizzy by Butcher Labs -

 A plaformer where in you play as Theo who has to avoid many perils by flipping himself from ceiling and floor in pursuit of his true love, Lizzy. It has simple controls but insanely designed levels which will make you scream and throw your controller left and right. It also has a split screen mode in which everyone tries to race through the levels. The Butcher Lab’s booth was just besides us and it was a treat to have them as our neighbors!

Thea: the awakening by Muha Games-

Thea: The awakening is a strategy, 4x game based on Slavic myth set in post apoclyptic fantasy setting. I actually din’t play this game at the gig because it was a 4x which means the gameplay is huge and complex and i would much rather enjoy it at my own pace back home. The game looks awesome and I had some amazing talk with the makers of Thea. If you are into deep strategy game with RPG and Card combat mechanics then you should definitely give this one a go! It is still in early access and you can grab it HERE!

Good Robot by Pyrodactyl-

Finally, I got to meet Arvind and his Pyrodactyl team at the event where they were showcasing Good Robot, A rogue-like shooting game where in you play as a droid and go into a shooting binge blasting other robots with different types of weapons. The game is set to release some time early next year and you can keep your eyes on it HERE!

Then there were the big guns, the AAA guys with their amazing expensive booths. I fixed our booth a day before the event after which I was just strolling around trying to snap as many pictures as possible. Once the show started I know that I would not be able to check them out. During my exploration, I saw the Total war booth with the development team working on some stuff. I ofcourse the Total War nerd that I am couldn’t hold back my fan-boyism and spoke to the community manager who was more than willing to share his total war experiences and passed me some steam keys for Total war: Arena.


Even though there where tons of amazing games on the floor, there was just not enough time as I had to manage our own booth at the gig. The show was a blast with people giving us feedback and enjoying the game. Some even came back the same day or the next to play the game again which always cool.

Even though there were tons of amazing games on the floor, I did not have enough time to check out other games. The show was a blast with people giving us feedback and enjoying the game. Some even came back the same day or the next to play the game again which always cool.

One major mistake we made was to print the wrong dimension of the poster for the back wall at our table. It would have been simply epic to have a giant picture of Asura behind the monitor and would have garnered even more crowd. We just cant thank enough Samar Malik for his amazing work with the poster and Jay Doshi for his animation powers. Those who play always end up saying they where attracted to the game as soon as they saw the poster and how epic the animations in the game are.


EGX 2015 was a blast and a successful event for Asura. I had actually come from the gig sometime back but couldn’t take out the time to update the blog. You guys should definetly check out the new design changes that we have made to the game. All our new ideas go against the usual game design norms but I hope it works for the best. People seemed to enjoy the game at the event so that was a confidence boost. We recently also went to Video Game Fest at Bangalore to showcase Asura and that was also a good experience so we will continue speaking about that in the next update!

Asura is still very much under-development and each day is another step to finishing it. The features we have added recently has made a lot of difference in the game as we have seen it being played at events and people really seem to like it. We are trying our best to keep our promise of making the best thing we can possibly make but at the end it is up to you to decide how it has shaped up. We cant wait to show you the final product, so keep calm and be awesome!

Here are some more pics from the event!

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