21 May

Game Dev Tip : Exporting with correct unit setup | 3DS Max to Unity !



Ever pulled out your hair while figuring out why did your 3DSMax  model re-sized itself into a giant city destroying Kaiju when exporting into unity.

Well, It happens due to your Max scale setup being  not configured to proper settings. If you work in Max and if you have been facing such problems then worry not and let us explain how you can get it all sorted.

We personally  use meters as our base unit for level design and to measure all the assets which basically means every tile in the game is equal to 1 meter and the main character is 1.5 meter. Once this is laid out , we move on to building all the assets.

Now if you just directly go ahead in max , make a box mesh of 1 x 1 x 1 unit and export it, catastrophe will strike and you will be disappointed. This is because Max default unit is set to centimeters.



Well, you can re-scale the exported box in unity  manually but then you will have to pull up a calculator to figure out the scale and when you work with many assets this simply becomes nigh-on impossible! Yo

Now lets fix this issue shall we!

1.) First thing we should fix is the unit setup. you can open the units setup tab by going over to Customize > Units setup in your 3DS Max tool bar.


2.) A tab will open up and under Display Unit Scale, choose Meters in Metric tab.


3.) Now open up system unit setup by clicking the button and change 1 unit = 1.0 Meters. Press OK like a boss and we are ready to export our awesome box ! :)


4.) Now we select the box and go to File > Export selected > Export and another huge export option tab will open up. Please don’t be scared and hide under the table. Just  go to units option in the tab > Turn off Automatic > Change units converted to = Meters and press OK…. again like a boss!


5.) Now lets head over to unity and import the box. Drag and drop the box mesh into the scene and create a cube in unity with 1 x 1 x 1 scale and viola! The scale from 3DS Max should have properly translated to Unity with the unit of the exported box and unity box being the same. This method should have fix the issue and you are good to go :D


This scaling issue used to haunt us for a long time but not any more.  It has been such a relief to just drag and drop models and assemble it . It all fits perfectly and speeds up the pipeline. Hope the tip has helped you and made your development pipeline that much better. If  the issue is fixed you deserve to dance like below, if not just let us know and we will dance after fixing together.


Everybody needs to dance after fixing stuff !

Happy developing epic stuff !




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