21 Apr

Ogre Head Studio is a year old!



This not the usual update where we blabber about the latest updates and stuffs. This is more like Me (Zain) , speaking out about  journey since we started Ogre Head so you are warned!  Now everyone has their own story and opinions and its usually based on one’s experience. The following is  just about  what I went through and it does not represent the industry as a whole. So you are again warned! :)

Last year, on 15th April I quit my job at Rocksalt Games, a games division that I founded in Rocksalt Interactive to start of my own studio. I pitched the idea to Neeraj and Aubhik, who where working with me then to join me once again in this new venture to make epic games with amazing quality and to try and bring a change in the Industry. Neeraj became my partner and Aubhik jumped in the band wagon as the Designer, Tech UI and many other hats that a human being has to adore when in a small development team.

Always had a bug in my head that I would start my own studio but then the wise thing to do was to get some experience by working in the industry and then venture out on my own. Well, I did exactly that and hated it. I got my first job as an artist when i was 20 which was nice but  i got to do was those garbage client projects to work on or some port which was dumped on our head. I was only doing art back then and Aubhik and Neeraj also worked at the same place with me as designer and programmer respectively.

A point came where things  were getting a  little frustrating as i started working in the industry since there was no creative freedom what so ever and the experience didn’t fulfill my creative bug. Judging by the games that were being made in the studios, I thought I could do a better job if given the opportunity. I stuck around anyways as an artist for sometime, in the hopes that  i would get an opportunity to work on AAA games and fortunately soon enough i got a chance to work in few of them. The  initial  learning phase was fun but once you got  comfortable with the pipeline , you again become a machine in a big industry and since I was an art outsourcing artist, was not even credited for the work we did. The amazing thing was that the people around me were super ” Sayan ” level talented but then the management in most of the organizations sucked the life of them and destroyed the whole atmosphere. For example, Samar who is making the posters of Asura, actually designed the art for one of the bosses of Skyrim for Bethesda and then the next day, he is working on some grass of some game. I couldn’t help but feel bad for artists like him and I had seen enough!

The whole point of starting Ogre Head is very simple. To make games that we LIKE and with complete creative freedom , To make a place  where a small group of like minded people can come together and forge amazing games without the usual hassle of answering anyone above us. To join forces with the amazing and talented people and make an adda to make games. Success or failure does not matter much at this point because even if does not do well financially with Asura, the wisdom that we acquire from our projects is too much to resist so it is a no-lose situation anyways and we are completely self funded which again gives us complete autonomy on what we are working on. All we care about is the quality of the game-play and polish of the whole game.


Game Development Dungeon

One year has passed and the ride has been bumpy but its been super fun. We have not yet released a single title but its being forged as i write this. We happen to also finish a client project which is a casual fighting game for iOS devices and should release by next month.

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people these past 5 years and to team up with them and work with them has been an amazing privilege. A big shout-out to Neeraj and Aubhik for risking everything and joining forces to help start Ogre Head. A high five to Jay, Samar and Santosh who have helped with their respective expertise to help us make our games that much better. Of course, To all our parents who have been super supportive all the way . To fellow developers like Ankush, Tanmay, Tejas, Safal, Vatsal, Vivek, Shailesh, Rishikanth and others who has always responded to us whenever we had queries. To Shruti and the Nasscom gang for supporting the Indian development scene as a whole, To Shoaib for his super support and finally the Ogre Head Klan for supporting us with the feedback and suggestions.

You all are one of the reasons why we make games and as a result, we are trying to imbue our best to the games that we forge. At the end of the day, we want you to have the best experience while the games that we make.

All i can say as one of the Ogre Heads is that  it is  going to be  all about HACK, SLASH AND EVERYTHING EPIC !

Now lets get back to making the final level of Asura!



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