20 Mar

Whats cooking at Ogre Head! Nov 2014 – March 2015 Edition.


Its been sometime since we have updated our blog, 4 months to be exact and we thought why not ramble about the latest news and stuff which has happened during these past months.

Well , We have finally started generating some revenue, thanks to the client project we have been taking up while working on Asura . Its been about 10 months since we started Ogre Head Studio ( founded on 15th April 2014) and for the initial 6 months, Me (Zain) and Neeraj had dumped whatever cash we had . The team had just focused on Asura initially but our coffers started getting dry and  we had to come up with a way to generate some finance for and these projects help us exactly with that.

We just have two very important rule of thumb when selecting or accepting 3rd party projects:

1.) It should not be a clone

2.) The studio name should be in the game when releasing the project as DEVELOPMENT PARTNERs

Accept these terms mortals and we will forge games for you!


Showcasing Asura !

As we had attended tons of gaming events and expo last year, we ended building some awesome connections and started receiving  queries to develop for 3rd party studios. If you have been following our blog, You may know that we had attended a game fest in Dubai. Well, to say the least, the fest was not a really happening place but ironically it is this gig that has given  the most response from the networking we did over there.

We learnt a  very good lesson over here that if you get chance to attend any event, just pack your bags , grab your game and just goo! Networking is as important as making games, and when we speak about networking we don’t just mean to go there and make friends among the indie circle which is important of course but share your ideas and passion with all sorts of people and you will see opportunities opening up! We have seen this huge crusade between the “Big Studios” vs ” the Indie developer” and people really choosing sides and wasting their time. If you are one of those, please for the love of god or whatever you believe in, stop it and open up.

Since we have taken up these projects, our days are divided in order to balance work on Asura and 3rd party development. Daily, we work on 7-8 hrs on the client project and the remaining 7-8 hrs on Asura. Of course, this slows down the progress in Asura but it helps us run the show and eventually on the long run makes Asura even more epic. We are almost at the end of our first client project and it should release sometime next month. We will announce it soon once the client gives us the green-light to do it.


The Protagonist of Strange Destinations!

Apart from that we are also helping other awesome human beings or groups to finish their games by providing Art services. At the moment, We are providing Art for Kabuliwala games ( Vivek Ram Kumar), you can check out his development blog over here: http://vivekramkumar.tumblr.com/.  Vivek is forging an amazing piece of art called Strange Destinations, which is really very different from the usual roster of games coming out from India and you should definitely keep your eyes on it! All we can say is that it is a stealth game set in Indian setting and its going to release on PC. We have to stop talking about the game right here or else Vivek will personally kill us :P

Also sometime around February, we won the game hack event hosted by Reliance games for Asura.gamehack_logo




It was hosted in a swag, hotel lounge in Hyderabad and they had invited all the small studios and indie developers to showcase the game. Well , Somehow i messed up with the address and ended up reaching an hour late for the gig. We had to showcase our game in front of a jury and got 4 very precious minutes ( not a sec more) to showcase the game. Its very difficult to pitch Asura in under 4 minutes but  we ended winning the prize.

Our game (Asura) along with 4 others also got selected for Pocket gamer event which is
scheduled on April 17th at Bangalore so that’s a plus. We are really excited about pocket gamer because we have parallely been working on the mobile version of Asura, which we kid you not, has a whole different play style and controls but the fundamental design remains the same. So we hope PG 2015 help us spread the word and hope we find someone to publish the game in mobile.

We also got featured in Deccan chronicle for Asura 
and Its amazing that how

10856561_431809760307187_5520642977376091019_o everyone is helping us spread the word. We really dint ever imagine to expect such kind of response even before releasing the game and for that we are super grateful. All we are trying to do at Ogre Head is to make a place which is driven by individuals who are creatives instead of business for once. Yes, business is important and it plays a huge roll  BUT we are not driven by it as a result we take bigger risks but lets see what the future beholds!

That being said, all of us trying our very best to make Asura as epic as possible and the whole design and flow is falling into place. Most of the grunt work are pending but the progress is consistent and we will updating about it soon. We have increased the runes to 150 and are at a stage where we are trying to make each one of them worth using it. The levels although procedurally generated,  we are grinding on it again and again to make it as rogue-like and random as possible!

Ogre Head is almost an year old and the sheer experience and lessons we have learnt  is priceless. On the next post, we are going to share some of  our experiences on running a small studio in India and hope it helps some of you guys or girls who want to set up your own gig sometime soon!

That is all for now and hope you had a good read. Btw, you can follow the progress of Asura at www.asurathegame.com where we try to post now and then about the usual happenings and updates in the game.

Also, We will be at Ficci Frames 2015 showcasing Asura, so if you happen to be there, lets catch up and talk games!FicciFrames





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