17 Nov

NGDC 2014, Winning the Award, etc, etc…..

10620635_925105507517602_3930045496209932136_nSo after what seems like ages, We have a reason to actually ramble about some stuff which happened in the past few days!

NGDC 2014 (Nasscom Game Developer Conference) happened on 13th-15th October 2014. Basically, a one stop event for all the indian game devs and game related companies to showcase their games and products along with tons of sessions all about game development and the process.

We had a booth at the event showcasing our upcoming game Asura to all the attendees and fellow game developers and boy did we have a blast!

The Build we showcased was not at all balanced as a result everyone died at the first round itself only to start the game all over again to defeat the bosses! Along with that, tons of feedback and abuses have really helped us rethink some aspects of the game which would have maybe otherwise gone completely unnoticed.


We have always sucked at Photography, this is the proof !

Zain was also apparently the speaker and blabbered about “Designing Art for Games” which was a one hour session where he repeated the sentence, “GAMEPLAY FIRST” a zillion times. He was also one of the panellist for the “Challenges in Game Art production” sharing seats with biggies like Ariel Belinco, Kshiraj Telang and Rahul Philip ¬†all amazing artist and really great people!


After working 24×7 on the game, its a relief to get out and meet all the amazing people in the industry. Indies or people from game companies, we realised that all are really craving for good games and we met a lot of them sharing our mutual love for the craft of video games! Lots of tips for Asura and getting to know other perspective of the industry has not only helped us keep things in perspective, its a valuable knowledge which just can’t be found anywhere else but in such Gigs!

Then the call came!

It was the second day of the event and we all were busy showcasing the game and letting people know how awesome it is ! Neeraj got a call from a friend stating that we had won an award. Since Aubhik was busy with some the group playing the game, Zain and Neeraj ran to the hall to check whether it was for real.

Apparently, people were directing Zain towards the stage and he ran like forrest gump from the movie only to realise it was someone elses award!


Damn the embarrassment at that time was so epic that Zain literally was running back from stage only to realise we have actually won an award but it was already called and we were late and they had proceeded with the show!

Grab the awesome Certificate, click the photo and whoosh we were off showcasing the game!

Basically, all we want to say is that we won the award for the “UPCOMING GAME OF THE YEAR” and it was pretty damn fun!


No we did not forget Neeraj, he is the one clicking the pic!

This is our first award since we started the studio and getting it before the game is out is a great boost to our small team and a thumbs up to finish the game! It also comes with a heap load of pressure but we are used to it now.

Here are some other awesome team who won the awards for their respective categories. You can check them out here



All this awesomeness was conjured thanks to the awesome people at Nasscom and one woman who without a doubts is a force to reckon with, Shruti Verma.


Bro-Fist to everyone who came to the gig and checked out Asura! Thanks a lot !

To all the homies who came to our booth, a big thanks and a bro-fist for actually taking out the time and pouring down the feedback and suggestions !

Just a reminder that you can now directly play the demo at www.asurathegame.com or by downloading it here.

You can also check out the latest gameplay footage of Asura below!

For future updates on the game, please visit www.asurathegame.com

Now lets get back to actually finishing up Asura and thanks again for dropping by !


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