30 Oct

Showcasing Asura at Dubai Game Expo and more !


So we just got back from Dubai World Game Expo which took place on 27th and 28th October and the experience was something that we didn’t expect. Nope, there were no gamers or even people who remotely would like to play games but the event was filled with business and ad/Monetization companies trying to sell their products, along with animation and toy production studios.


Power Nap! We couldnt really help but choose this photo because his eyes were closed in each and every single one of them -_-

Our booth was the only one which had a game running  at the show and there were hardly any gamers in the event. The ones that showed up did play Asura and shared their feedback.

The Huge screen that you see in the image is not ours. Shoaib, Zain’s cousin helped us with the huge screen to showcase the teaser. He works with an event management company and was a great support for us during the show lending cool stuff to showcase  Asura. Of course , we forgot to take a camera and were only  able to click very few photos  while setting up the booth with our phone.

Our advice after the experience in Dubai is that if you are an Indie and are planning to attend an event in UAE to showcase just your game then you will be disappointed and in the process spend a significant amount of your money. We had our cousins who were a great support system helping us with stay and transport or else we would have had to sell our clothes and laptops to actually get back to India. :P

But that does not  mean it was all that sad. As you would know, we also provide services to other companies to develop games. Our initial capital is running out and this is our bread and butter which helps us fund the project and the company. Luckily, we  got hold of some potentially good clients and hope to seal some good projects in the coming days!

Before the event, the PING camera crew, had visited our studio as folks at Nasscom were planning to make some snippet video of game development studios in India.

Yup, this amalgamation is a result of taking a nerdy boring guy and making him speak about an an exciting game that they are coming up with. Pink did a great work overall though and we didn’t expect the kind of production quality in the video. Nasscom is creating really cool platforms and methods to promote game developers and studios in india and their efforts are god-like!

Here are a few more devs and our friends, speaking about their game and studio!

Leaving all this aside, we are really sorry for delaying  build of the game. Few more days and it should be out along with a fresh new teaser with more gameplay footage and our own SFX instead of Warcraft 3 SFX which we used for the teaser due to the deadline. Also we will be starting with the steam greenlight soon!

We are also preparing for the Nasscom Game Developers Conference 2014 as we will have a table setup at the event where you can play Asura. You can also meet tons of Indian Indie game developers and play their games.  There will also be tons on talks about games and the industry in general, so if you are someone who is in the gaming industry or just want to explore in gaming in general, you should definitely come visit the event.

You can register for NGDC 2014 HERE !

Thats all for now and we are now back on track, hacking and slashing and trying to finish Asura with full force. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for all the support. Also expect a demo build of Asura in your mails soon or else if you havent already then head over to www.asurathegame.com to sign up!


01 Oct

Nope! we are not dead, its just that we are working on this game called Asura!

Eons have passed since we have updated the blog. As we have just hit a small milestone, why not ramble about some of the stuff that we have been doing, things happening around us and the industry.

What the hell happened to Asura?

Well, we just stopped working on it. Kidding!!

New level along with the updated character in the game!

We have been working on it for 4 months now and are super excited to show you the things that has been cooking up. The design of the game has changed significantly and we are enjoying every bit of it!

You no more just fight endless wave of deva horde but you get to choose the race and champion you want to fight with! Yup, and once you defeat the champions and earn enough glory, thats when you will be worthy enough to challenge the bosses in the game.

And the combat system is much more engaging instead of just click fest. Try playing Asura without using your brains and you will DIE AND RAGE QUIT AND UNINSTALL the game in the process. Games now a days go out of their way to let their Audience not use their brains, we are  planning do otherwise. :D

Our favorite feature, the roguelike death in the game has still survived the hundreds of   design iterations and changes. As you may know, the game will take away all your loot no matter what rarity it is. If you die, the loot is gone except for the items in your stash.The feeling when you are punished for making a minuscule mistake is what we have been craving for and thats the reason we have it in the game.

Thats enough about the game already. More about the game is rambled and kind of self marketed at the Development Blog here

MOOM !! He is not out of breath! Thats his idle animation  -_-’

Is the game releasing on PC & Vita!? and what happened to Mobile & Tablets!?

Yes, the game is releasing on PC but we are not quite sure about Vita. Pc is our priority for now, and will be launching a steam greenlight campaign soon. There are enough developers making enough games for Mobile and tablet market already.

We genuinely dislike gaming on mobile and are not very passionate about it .Now you can maybe accuse us as hypocrites just  because we made our first game Roadkill Xtreme for Mobile but Roadkill Xtreme was us learning as a team as to how to develop a complete game and release it in a very short span of time and we think  we were successful in that :D

This does not mean we won’t be releasing Asura on Mobile & Tablets. We will of course try to launch it as many platforms as possible if its 110% playable and is fun to play in them.

So yes, the game will first release on PC, then on tablets and finally on Mobile. Thats the plan anyways!


Are you the 3 heroes in the team!? Dont lie timmy!! come on tell us the truth!!!

Its not 3 but 5 heroes in our team who is helping us on the project…. Just like dota.

 Zain ( Art, Design, Overseer & Office Boy)

Zain handles all the art and helps the team with Design along with laying down plans to how the team can work effectively and also is the office boy serving his brethrens when they need anything!

Aubhik ( Design, UI and Chai master)

Aubhik is the guy who takes the brainstorm idea filters it out and narrows it down in the game. He also works on the technical side of UI which is placing and animating them in Unity and also is the best Chai chef in the world.

Neeraj ( Coder)

Neeraj is the guy behind all of the code. He is a one man team in his own way and is the true jedi who can definitely raise things  with his straight face.

The core ogre head team,3 of us, sit together at our offices at Hyderabad (Just a garage setup, is what we mean to say :P) which is were Ogre Head is based.

Jay Doshi (Freelance animator)

He takes care of all the character animation in the game. He has already made more than 120 anims roughly for the game and we are planning to kill him and gut him out in the process. The amount of workload this guy has to go through is insane but let the demo come out and you will see the effort that Jay has contributed in the game.

Santosh Kumar (Freelancer, Rigger)

Santosh helps us as a rigger, or might i say the man who puts bones and controllers to characters so that we can animate them like a boss!

Yes, these are the key members working in the game. but, wait , there is an another crazily talented dude who is helping us with the trailer and poster for the game.

Samar Malik ( Freelance)

This guy is the super awesome and most humblest artist who can defy awesomeness in the face of epicness. (No Kidding!!)

Zain will ramble like a baby and do some rough sketches as to what he is looking for and then Samar takes it and makes it gold!

Here is the latest poster he helped us on!


Click to enlarge the image


Click to enlarge the image


So we mentioned we dislike gaming in mobile that doesn’t mean that there are no great games in mobile. Our friends have been coming up with some really amazing  stuff lately and below are few of them. If you are into puzzles and stuff definitely give it a try!


logoHeurons by Infinte Eurekas

Its a an amazing and elegant looking puzzler where in you connect the heurons(dots) until only a single, poor, and lonely heuron is left. ( poor heuron :( )


Website: http://huerons.com/

Get the game here:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store


Pigment by Seven Summit Studio10670170_933021380045779_6436010330494625443_n

Pigment is a rubik’s cube inspired game with a twist packed with neat and clean visuals!

Get the game here:
Android : http://goo.gl/elBim3
BlackBerry : http://goo.gl/d76KgM

That is pretty much it for now as most of our time is spent on development of Asura. As a result, its very difficult to maintain regular updates in the blog.

There has been some very interesting things happening but its too early to reveal them. We will show it once the time is right until then stay tuned and thanks a lot for dropping by.

For any queries please contact zain@ogrehead.com or support @ogrehead.com| Get Presskit here: http://ogrehead.com/press