30 Apr

Ogre Head will be at Casual Connect Asia 2014 !!

We are currently working hard on the next update and build of Asura, a hack and slash game mixed with rogue like elements in development.

The demo will be showcased at Casual Connect Asia in Singapore on May 20th – May 23rd 2014.

The update is going to be huge on features and art change! It will explain in detail as to what the game is all about!


We will have a small booth setup at the event showcasing our games! especially Asura, so be sure to drop in . If you want to schedule a meeting in advance then please contact zain@ogrehead.com or support@ogrehead.com with your name and time, and we will get back to you ASAP.

We are looking for publishers for our upcoming game Asura,  and that will be our main objective in Casual Connect along with meeting awesome people and networking with fellow developers! Looking forward to seeing you all in Singapore !

28 Apr

1st week Update | Working on the characters, enemies and Runes! | Asura #Dev log 2

After the prototype of Asura,we went straight to developing the complete game. Its still very much at its nascent stage though. Neeraj is working on new enemies, runes and bosses along with some UI stuff. Aubhik is working hard on the design and getting stuff on paper!

I have been working on the character concepts of Asura, the protagonist of the game who is also the demon prince. After long discussions, we realized the our main character has to be the Rakshas(demon) instead of the prince charming and I am having a blast designing all the characters. Here are some of the intial concept scribbles of the Hero. You play basically as the demon, prisoned and slaved by Devas in the colosuem and have to battle hordes and hordes of enemy soldiers and heroes alike!

demon4 demon3 demon2 demon1

I should admit that its very difficult to make a demon look like a protagonist. Its a very thin line between “Bad ass” and” evil” i guess, that i have to juggle in this project. Will update with the final concept designs soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the above sketches!



20 Apr

Project Asura begins |Dev Log #1


After shifting our base from Rocksalt Games to Ogre Head Studio, we setup our  development stuff and got back to what we love the most, developing games.
The question was, what will work on as our next project??

We love RPG and RTS along with medieval fantasy and mighty weapons, which is what Ogre Head Studio is all about! So we came up with this idea of prototyping a hack and slash rogue like game inspired by Indian theme and culture and await ASURA!!

We sat for 3 days straight and came up with the prototype of the initial idea that we brainstormed!

You can play the prototype here!

play the protoype2

What is the game all about?!

Asura is a hack and slash game where you play as the legendary demon Asura as hordes of enemies come to challenge you in the battle arena. After obliterating each wave you will be rewarded with runes which you can forge in your weapon to make it mighty and epic!


Check out the character, hacking and slashing!


A screenshot of the prototype!

There are many kind of runes in the game, all elementals like Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Soul etc. Depending on the rune you place on your weapon, the attributes will increase anc stack

The combination is limitless and its completely upon you to decide how you want your weapon to be forged. You can literally go crazy and unique on the kind of weapon you want to forge casting deadly spells on the way.

Your weapon will also look different with the kind of runes you place, for ex. if you have added lot of fire runes the appearance will be more like a molten weapon of doom (just a fancy word for a fire weapon)

Some runes like frost rune or cleave rune will let you cast passive skills like frost wave which will freeze the enemy or cleave damage with which you will deal damage to all enemies nearby

You can play the prototype to understand more about the game-play here.

Whats in the prototype?

The Prototype was created in 3 days and its our initial setup for the game! The current character in the games are 3d models of an old RPG prototype we were working on and is going to completely change, its just all place holder art!!

  • Currently only one weapon in the game
  • Select from Fire or Wind rune after completing each wave to increase the attribute
  • Try surviving as many waves as possible

We have yet to think about the plot and many design aspects of the game and are working on it. In the mean time, if you have any idea or suggestions, please feel free to shoot them! We are currently brainstorming about the different kind of runes and its attributes.

More updates will follow soon as we march ahead!


(Please note that these are just WIP and will be polished as we move ahead in development!)


The blocking of level in 3DS max with occlusion render!


Day and night cycle of the arena in the game!


The arena in Unity engine.


Some initial concepts of the main protagonist. All of this will be scrapped since the character is going to be an Asura (a demon).


For any queries please contact zain@ogrehead.com or support @ogrehead.com| Get Presskit here: http://ogrehead.com/press